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Ashley Stoyanoff's Review: The Language of Souls by Lena Goldfinch

The Language of Souls by Lena Goldfinch 

Title: The Language of Souls
Author: Lena Goldfinch
Number of Pages: 146
Publication Info: Indigo Road (Nov 2012)Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance
Shelf: Books I BoughtRating: ★★★★

Goodreads: Here
Purchase: Here
Authors Website: Here

summary from Goodreads:
A fast-paced tale of adventure, impossible choices, and a soul-stirring romance that will leave you breathless.

Solena trespasses into hostile territory to search for a rare herb to cure the grandfather she loves. When a young enemy soldier captures her and she's accused of being a spy, Solena discovers just how much she's risked.

As a soldier, Rundan struggles to please his father, a ruthless army commander. When his father orders him to take the beautiful trespasser to the royal courts, where she'll surely be tried and executed, Rundan is plagued by an inconvenient desire to protect her.

The handsome young soldier confuses Solena. First, he cruelly captures her, and then treats her with uncommon kindness. When he risks his life to save hers, she fears she may have risked more than her life on her journey...she may have lost her heart.

"...fantasy with a side of sigh-worthy romance." --The Fiction Enthusiast

"The perfect tiny romantic escape." -- Tales of Whimsy

Young Adult Fantasy Novella

My Review:
The Language of Souls was a quick and enjoyable romance novella.  I devoured this treat in on sitting and enjoyed every page.

Solena’s journey starts with a dangerous climb into the mountains, as she makes her way to a foreign land in search of healing herbs to save her grandfather.  When she is caught trespassing and stealing, she is taken captive by Rundan, a soldier out on patrol.  He brings her back to his father, the army commander, who orders Rundan to take Solena to the royal courts, where she’ll be executed.  Will Rundan follow his father’s cruel orders, and take Solena to her death sentence, or will their budding attraction save her life?  You’ll have to read The Language of Souls to find out.

The relationship between Rundan and Solena was wonderful.  Goldfinch packed a whirlwind of emotion into this short novella that left me wanting more.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two get to know each other.  I loved the confusion, and the sparks of desire, as their story unfolded.

The descriptions were perfect.  Often times, I find that when reading a novella, things feel rushed, but that was not the case with The Language of Souls.  Each scene was painted vividly, allowing me to fully immerse myself into Solena and Rundan’s story. Everything flowed smoothly, from narrative to dialogue to description.

And the ending … It was the perfect mix of awkward and sweet.  I absolutely love it.  An awesome ending to a wonderful novella!

If you are looking for a quick romance that will make you smile, then pick this one up.

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