Saturday, August 10, 2013

Book Review: Wicked Werewolf Passion by Lisa Renee Jones

Wicked Werewolf Passion
~Werewolf Society Book #3~
By Lisa Renee Jones 

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Shi is a wolf whose been shunned by the Royal Guard he once fought for, the head of a mercenary team that does the jobs too dirty for everyone else. 
His newest job is to find, and kidnap, the gorgeous daughter of a high ranking member of the council, and make him confess he’s working for the enemy. Dirty work, but someone has to do it. 
Only this gorgeous wolf isn’t about to believe her father is on the bad side of the fence, nor does she have plans to be anyone’s captive.
 In fact…she might just make Shi her captive.

Wicked Werewolf Passion is the third installment in Lisa Renee Jones's sexy as hell pantie melting werewolf society series!

  Shi brushed his lips over hers."Why don't I just stop talking all together? I can think of all kinds of things to do with my mouth that you'll enjoy more."


  This may be a quick read at only 52 pages but it's 52 pages packed full of action, steamy sex, betrayal & lies, an intense love affair and one very protective wolf!  

"and I want to talk baby, I do, but right now you should now I'm fighting the urge to strip you naked & have my wicked way with you right here in the garage" -Shi 

 Shi is the ultimate bad boy shunned by the werewolves he once protected his now the leader of the mercenary team doing everyone's dirty work, he just oozes sex appeal & authority which is lethal a combination.

His mouth to her ear. "don't even think about moving" She inhaled at the order, aroused by him controlling her. 

 Carmen is beautiful passionate & just as fiery as her red locks, she was the perfect counterbalance to Shi. 
 The chemistry between theses two was delectable & I'm highly anticipating the fourth installment in the super sexy werewolf society series

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