~Fantasy Reviews~

Dreams of Darkness by Barry James:

~Rhyn Eternal Series~
Gabriel's Hope Book #1 by Lizzy Ford.

Deidre's Death Book #2 by Lizzy Ford
Read my Review Here

Darkyn's Mate Book #3 by Lizzy Ford
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 Nordic Faries by Saga Berg:

Oath of Servitude (The Punishment Sequence)
By C.E. Wilson 

Moon Trilogy By C.L. Bevill:
 Read my Review Here

Flag of Bones The voyages of the Dragon Wynd
by Ella Pepper:

Aventurine Heart by Carole Wood 

The Little Dragons by Rowan Starsmith:

Lake People Series by C.L Bevill
Veiled Eyes Book #1:

Disembodied Bones Book 2#:

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