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Ashley Stoyanoff Review: Heart of the Vampire by Gayla Twist

Heart of the Vampire by Gayla Twist

Title: Heart of the Vampire (The Vanderlind Castle Series, #2)
Author: Gayla Twist
Number of Pages: 263
Publication Info: Gayla Twist (July 2013)Genre: YA Adult, Paranormal Romance
Shelf: Books I Bought

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Goodreads Summary:
Aurora Keys is heartbroken, struggling to forget the beautiful and enigmatic Jessie Vanderlind, who has told her it is too dangerous for them to be together. And he may be right. Jessie is, after all, a vampire. But that doesn't make forgetting him any easier.

Just as Aurora is starting to pull her shattered life back together, Jessie reappears at her window with a warning: there are many vampires who want to see her dead—and him locked in a coffin for a hundred years. Aurora and Jessie are accused of staking a vampire for the sake of a human and must fly to Budapest to plead their case in front of a vampire tribunal. Their only hope of survival is to convince the world’s oldest vampire family that they are desperately in love—and have been for nearly 80 years.

My Review:

Heart of the Vampire was a solid second book to the Vanderlind Castle series.  It had action, romance … It was a great mix of everything that I want in a book.

We dive into this segment with Aurora fighting to move on with her life without Jessie.  It’s a hard go for her, but she’s trying.  She starts dating Fred (a boy from school) and is just going through the paces of the relationship.  Everything is going … okay untilJessie shows up outside her window, and all her attempts to forget him fall apart.  But Jessie isn’t there for a happy reunion.  He’s come to take Aurora to Budapest, in hopesthat they can convince the vampire tribunal that she is the reincarnation of Colette, his long dead love.  If they fail, Aurora will be sentenced to death and Jessie will be locked in a coffin for a hundred years.  Will they succeed?  You’ll have to read Heart of theVampire to find out.

Well, I loved Fred.  He was a much needed splash of humor in this story.  He made me laugh out loud and roll my eyes more than once in his short appearance, and I hope that we get a bit more of him in the next segment.  He would have been a perfect love interest for Aurora if Jessie hadn’t shown back up.

With that said, I was thrilled that we got to see a bit more romance between Jessie and Aurora.  This was the one thing that I was really left wishing for at the end of the first book.  I enjoyed every second of their relationship in this one.

So why the three stars?  Well, I enjoyed it, but not as much as I did the first in the series.  Everything was going great until Jessie took Aurora away to Budapest.  The thing was, once they got there, the story felt predictable.  Don’t get me wrong, it was still a great read, I just missed the mystery that I loved in the first book.

Overall, this was a great second book to the Vanderlind Castle series, and I will definitely be reading the next one.

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