Saturday, January 25, 2014

Life of a Blogger #1

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This Weeks Topic

~Celebrity Crushes~

Kele okereke - He has the sweetest Smile & his accent is soo Cute!!

Johnny Depp - Simply One of the Sexist men Alive!!!

Alex Turner - is the Lead Singer of arctic Monkey, just listen to him signing & you'll know why I love him so much. Sexy English & Accent ( yes im obbssesed with English guys! + Quiff = Yumminess! 

Russell Brand - Sexy, Smart Funny Vego with a hot English accent nuff said!

Adam Hills - I've always found a sense of humor one of the sexist things ever & Adam Hills is defiantly sexy & funny guy not to mention a total sweetheart.

~ Girl Crushes~ 
Emilie Autumn - I simply adore EA! She's beautiful, talented, strong, intelligent & so Unique! 

Bettie Page - A classic Beauty inside & out! <3

Pink - Pink was my first ever girl crush, the first ever c.d. I bought & first concert I went to. I've always loved her fiery spirt & kick ass attitude!

jennifer lawrence - I think everyone in the world (well the Awsome ones anyway) are in love with Jenifer Lawrence, she's like a breath of fresh air in this plastic perfection obsessed society. She's just Naturally Beautiful, Talented & ver Funny!


  1. I totally agree about Jennifer Lawrence! She's so down-to-earth and she really doesn't care about what everyone thinks which is a great thing. Pink is so talented and I definitely agree she's really pretty. Also, Johnny Depp's cheekbone structure makes my face die in shame. Thanks for sharing, Mandy!

  2. Ya for JLaw and Pink! I love both those ladies, they're very beautiful and strong! Johnny Depp is awesome, he can play ANYTHING :)


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