Friday, September 13, 2013

Book Review: A Twitch of Tale by R.E. Butler.

~A Twitch of Tail~
Wican-Were-Bear Series Book #6
By R.E. Butler

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Book Six in the Wiccan-Were-Bear Series

Natural witch Wysteria Brannick has a great life: a job she loves at the new were-animal hospital and a place in the Wiccan coven that resides in Cleveland. But all is not right in her idyllic life, as dreams of two mystery lovers plague her nightly. When she arrives at the were-tiger king’s home to heal a young tiger, she comes face to face with the two men from her dreams.

Were-tiger brothers Melo and Tahlon Thorne have spent the last three years in different ambushes. Now that Tahlon is coming to join Melo’s ambush, they both begin to grow unsettled. It’s not until they follow a sweet scent into the tiger king’s home that they realize the unsettled feelings are because they’ve found their mate. But Melo and Tahlon’s past comes back in force and it’s not just Tera’s life that hangs in the balance.

Be prepared for plenty of growling, love bites, hot were-tiger loving, and m/f/m interaction. This novella contains scorching hot sex, two possessive were-tigers, and the witch who loves them both.

If your looking for a book with a Some Hot Were Tigers, A sexy little Witch, plenty of action in & out of the Bedroom!.. then a Twitch of Tale the 6th installment in R.E's Tantalizing  Wiccan Were-Bear Series is for you. 

 We first met Melo in a Curve of Claw the first book in the series, as one of Powerful Witch Elizabeth's Lovers & i immediately like him! (A hot Blonde Were-Tiger what's not to like!) 

 & I was so happy to finally see him find his Mate in the Beautiful witch Wysteria.

 "She Heard twin growls, low & deep, & turned quickly to see two large men stalk into the kitchen towards her."

 Whom he actually shares with his Brother, Tahlon.

 Yep this super lucky girl doesn't just have one but too Incredibly Hot Mates!   

 "They reached their hands out at the same time, & the moment there hands wrapped around her upper arms, everything clicked together in her mind & her heart." 

 But even tho it was love at first sight for this ménage relationship it wasn't all smooth sailing, & they still had a fight on there hands to reach there happily ever after.

 A Twitch of Tale incorporated all my favorite  aspects in a book, drama & romance, mixed with Hot sex & a Paranormal twist. 

 all up  was a pleasant light hearted read & I'd defiantly recommend it.

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