Friday, September 13, 2013

Ashley Stoyanoff's Review: Darkyn's Mate by Lizzy Ford.

~Darkyn's Mate~
By Lizzy Ford

Title: Darkyn’s Mate (#3, Rhyn Eternal)
Author: Lizzy Ford
Number of Pages: 131
Publication Info: Guerrilla Wordfare (Jul 2013)Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy
Shelf: Books I BoughtRating: ★★★

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Purchase: Here
 Authors Website: Here

~Summary from Goodreads~ 
Caught between Fate and the Dark One ...

Stuck in Hell, human-Deidre struggles to hold onto her hope that she can change the course of events that landed her as the mate of Darkyn, the Dark One. The chances of her leaving Hell plummet when the Dark One takes a drastic step to ensure he never loses his latest possession and blood binds her in an ancient rite from the time-before-time. In doing so, he is forced to share his power with her. Rather than despair, she begins to see that she has unexpectedly found her place in the world: protecting innocent souls from the bloodlust of the demon she's forever bound to.

Rather than accept her place at his side docilely, she begins to use her newfound influence to help those she cares about, including Gabriel, the former lover she's not yet ready to let go of, even knowing she'll never leave Hell.

~My Review~
Holy cliffhanger!  It’s been a few days since I’ve finished this book and I still feel lost.  Ialmost want to read it again in hopes that when I reach the last page there will be a different ending.

But seriously, Darkyn’s Mate was fantastic.  I blew through this one in a day, and loved every second of it.  This was basically the same story as Deidre’s Death except from the new Deidre’s POV.

I never thought it was possible, but I’m loving Darkyn.  He’s actually kind of sweet in a dark and somewhat creepy kind of way.  He may be the devil, but it was clear that he’ddo anything for Deidre.  Dare I saw he might actually love her?  By the end, I was starting to believe it.  I think they make a great pair, Deidre with her humanity and Darkyn with his dark side.  They even each other out perfectly.  I can’t wait to see what will happen with them.

Just like every other Lizzy Ford book I’ve read, I was in love with this one after the first page.  Other than the crazy cliffhanger that is killing me, this book was awesome.  2014 cannot come soon enough.  I need the next book NOW!

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