Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: The Heat by Heather Killough Walden

The Heat (The Big Bad Wolf #1)

By Heather Killough Walden.

Author's Website: Here

Lily St James returns to her home town Baton Rouge in Louisiana & quickly falls back in love with her high school crush the tall, handsome & arrogant Daniel Kane. Lily is suddenly swept of her feet when she discovers she's a werewolf dormant who has two strong alpha weres wanting her as there mate.

I'll try to  not to give too much away this time, so I'm going to be quite vague..

  The Heat wasn't particularly good nor was it particularly bad it was just ok. Some parts I really liked, the writting flowed nicely & the chracters seemed likable and the sexual tension was hot! But suddenly then it turn on its head. The writting dragged on and some of the plots seemed to be thrown in just to take up space but most Annyoing was the female lead, Lily St James. She started of as such a kick ass heroine then she turn into a submissive horn bag! I really like the concept of were-wolf dormants but I don't think the author got it quite right.


  1. Ugh! i hate it when first Heroines are so kick-butt and so amazing! And then, it deflates and she this other person and it's just terrible. :P

    And is there a love triangle i'm sensing here?

    1. Ahhh I know! I wanted to pull my hair out in irritation!
      I hate how so many novel's portray Femininity as week or bad!
      Why can't more female leads be strong, power & feminine!....

      Ohhh yes theres a love triangle.. A damn Annyoing love triangle!

    2. Well that's my bitching for the XD

      Gezzz...I should have given it 2 Stars considering how much I'm bitch...


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