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Ashley Stoyanoff's Review: Charity Moon by DeAnna Kinney

★ Ashley Stoyanoff's Review ★

Charity Moon (Charity #1) by
DeAnna Kinney

Title: Charity Moon (Charity #1) 
Author: DeAnna Kinney
Number of Pages: 307
Publication Information: UR Publishing Inc. (April 2012
Genre: YA, Paranormal
Shelf: Review CopyRating: ★★★★

Summary from Goodreads
Charity Bell is eighteen, beautiful, and has an unyielding chip on her shoulder. The loss of her father and betrayal of her stepfather have left her angry and confident that no man will ever win her trust, or possess her heart. She wears that declaration proudly--on her countenance, as well as her sharp tongue.
That's all tested when the enchanting Levi Drake transfers from her rival school across town. In a town divided by intense rivalry this should mean trouble, and yet the school is quickly won over by his alluring charm. When a strange encounter with the mysterious young man leaves Charity bewildered, she's convinced he's hiding something and sets out on a dangerous plot to discover his secret. What she uncovers, however, will leave her both grasping for reality and hanging onto the tattered shreds of what's left of her declaration. As she faces the demons of her past, and present, she must decide if she can live, or die, with his.

My Review
I huffed, knelt down, and was in the process of gathering them up when I stared, in disbelief, at the paper in my hand. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but I was looking at my face drawn beautifully five different times with the emotions listed off under each one; anger, fear, depression, confusion, and awe.” – Charity from Charity Moon

Amazing, right?  That part had me grinning like crazy.  Let’s face it, it pretty much sums up how most high school kids feel when they fall in love for the first time.  A crazy mix of conflicting emotions.  But it also sums up this story perfectly.  Charity Moon invoked all these emotions in me and more.  
Charity Moon is a cute story of girl meets werewolf and falls in love. But, like all star-crossed lovers,Charity and her love interest, Levi, face some challenges that threaten to rip them apart.  Will they be able to overcome the obstacles and find true love?  You’ll have to read Charity Moon by DeAnna Kinney to find out.
I absolutely loved Charity.  I loved her passion, her loyalty to her beliefs, her spunk.  Her spiritual aspects were a bit intense at times and sometimes seemed out of place but this also completely worked for her character and made her a bit more interesting.

The concept of the heart connection was adorable, and I loved it.  I don’t want to give anything away,but I do need to say that Kinney did a wonderful job with it.  I really felt what the lovers were going through and enjoyed every second of it.
The setting and descriptions were awesome.  The wolf complex, where a good portion of the story took place, was described in vivid detail, and it was definitely unique and creative.  
My only drawback, which I would like to stress is a personal opinion only, was how many bad guys there were.  I would have loved to see this story broken into two books. Each “battle” felt rushed and made the story feel a bit unorganized. I guess, personally, I wanted more closure.  But as it is, I’m still wondering, what happened with Wesley?  I hope this will come up again in the second book.  I have to admit that at times I was rooting for him.  :)  He was an awesome bad guy and a complete contrast to the extremely nice love interest, Levi.

I really enjoyed this read.  It had the perfect amount of action, romance and cheesy giggling moments.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a fun and easy read.

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