Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hot, Cheap & Free! #1

Who doesn't love a freebie! I know I do & I also love seeing what everyone else is reading...so that's we're my new new weekly Post comes in, i''ll post & let you know what's hot, what's cheap & what's free every week. =)

Here's This weeks Picks.


On Dublin Street By Samantha Young.
*Contains adult content, for Mature Readers*

You might have seen this on the amazon list & maybe be thinking should I give it a go, well if all the 5 star reviews are anything to go off this is so on my "to read ASAP list"

Buy on Amazon: Here
Check out the Reviews on Goodreads: Here


The Wolfs Mate Book 4: Micheal & Shyne.
By R.E. Butler.
*Contains adult conten, for mature Readers*

Ok I'm super excited about this book which has just been relapsed it on of my favorite series & it simply rocks & at $1.99 how can you lose.

Buy on Amazon: Here
Check out the Reviews on GoodReads: Here


Snow White & Trip (Part 1) By David L. Dawson.

Snow White takes places after HEA & looks like a cute little read for teens & adults alike.
"It's funny, gripping and a bit sexy in some parts, though never graphic, so I think teens aged 15 or 16 might enjoy it as well as adults." - RTNews.

Buy on Amazon: Here
GoodReads: Here

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