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Review: The Little Dragons.

The Little Dragons.
By Rowan Starsmith.
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"The roots of the mountains tremble Sun shimmering around us As we beat Air with our wings The new approaches Little Brother The old approaches Time from before Come, Dragonkind, and dance Change takes wing among us."

Book Overview:
Before the Kings came, the People of the Land had an agreement with the Dragons. It was negotiated by the Dragon Priestesses, who could communicate with those fearsome beasts through their familiars, the Little Dragons. The Kings, however, knew only the way of the sword. In their war against the Dragons, they killed their smaller cousins as well, along with the Priestesses who cared for them. The revenge of the Dragons was disastrous for both peoples, forcing everyone to live their lives at night, when the Dragons sleep in their caves in the mountains.

Mother Peg, a Senior Healer of the Earth People, is determined to track down the persistent rumours that some of the doomed Dragon Priestesses shared their knowledge with the Healers who sheltered them. King Anglewart of the Westlands, as determined as Mother Peg to find the Little Dragons, sends a search expedition to the mountains.

Others become caught up in the quest:
King Anglewart’s spirited wife, Queen Melisande, and their daughter, Liandra, apparently pregnant, although she denies ever lying with a man; Mother Peg’s servant, Maida, who dreams of becoming a Healer despite her origins as the daughter of a cheesemaker; Gleve, newly confirmed as a Healer and worried about what will happen to his beloved elderly teacher, Father Mallory, when he leaves; Keiran of Hanford, who survives the dangers of the King’s expedition to the Dragon caves, only to be beaten and left for dead by his own companions; Jessa and Ev, two lowly servants in the Women’s Retreat House, where young noblewomen commit themselves to craft and prayer, and widows retire to live out their days.

Danger surrounds each of these people—Dragons, of course, but also their antagonism towards one another. They cannot know that each bears a unique clue to the secret knowledge of the Dragon Priestesses.

Book Review:
Ok that me start with why I gave the little dragons 4 stars when I so wanted to give it 5,
Well there's 3 reasons these are:
1. The Ending!!!!!!!! It's not even a ending, the story just stops suddenly with so many unanswered questions! Who? What? When? Where? Why? *pulls out hair*
2. No HEA, ok so this ones a bit silly but I do love a bit of HEA while still being realistic.
3. The Chapters,  each chapter focuses on one character & how they see things which Is great but can stop the flow, I'm all about the Flow!!!

Reasons why I loved this book! & why you have to read it!
1. Well drawn,  interesting & realistic characters. (love them or hate them you still wanna know what happens to them)
2.The  Plot! (which makes so much sense it's crazy!)
3. No Hero Heroin or Villain, you get this great understanding towards all the character & their actions, so theres no good vs evil just people doing what they feel is right.
4. Sometimes  the story gets a little disturbing!  like drop your jaw, shocked & disturbed in a good way.
5. Romance!!!! I love a book with romance, so it's not huge on this bit but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. (but not detailed sex acts quality)
6.Once I got over the chapter thing, i delved whole heartedly into this mesmerizing world of Dragons, Dragon Priestesses, Little Dragons, Magical Earth Healers, Kings, Queens, Princesses, Princes & so much more!
7. Some people may find some of the lesbian/gay romance in the little dragons offensive (as the author pointed out in the start of the book) but I found it delightful. Love comes in all different shapes, sizes, race & religion & I love how the author protrayed that in such a beautifully simple way- after all love is love!

The Little Dragons comes in both written & audio, I choose written because I couldn't stand the audio but some may like it.
One more thing if you love lord of the rings YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK!

Now I'm off on my own quest to find a damn ending to this book even if I have to write it myself!!!! Lol.

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