Sunday, August 5, 2012

Review: Hot Vampire Touch.

Hot Vampire Touch (Vampire Wardens 3#) By Lisa Renee Jones.
*Warning Adult Content*


Hero: Troy.
Heroine: Cassie.
Sex Rating: 3.8
Overall Rating: 

Summary: Troy is a Vampire Warden who has been betrayed by a werewolf he loved & turned into something, neither Vampire or Wolf. Only to be healed & loved by a she wolf…if he doesn’t destroy them both first.

Review: Book Three was my favorite story wise but was pretty boring sex wise ok so I wanted Marcus in all is vampire leather goodness to just in there & have a god damn orgy!....ok that's out of the way back to the story hot vampire touch is the satisfying but not all too Intense ending to the vampire Warden trilogy & leads way to the werewolf society series.
It was a tight little story & I quite enjoyed it.

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