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Ashley Stoyanoff's Review: Charred Hope by Lizzy Ford

Charred Hope 
By Lizzy Ford

Title: Charred Hope (#3, Heart of Fire)
Author: Lizzy Ford
Number of Pages: 143
Publication Info: Guerrilla Wordfare (Mar 2014)
Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance

Shelf: Books I Bought
Rating: ★★★★

Goodreads: Here
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 Authors Website: Here

~ Summary from Goodreads ~
Skylar struggles to save both the shifters and the slayers, but falls prey to the mastermind behind the disappearances of both. With a price on her head and her allies dwindling, she will survive only if she trusts Chace once more. She loves her dragon but fears the man inside will betray her again. Will she take a chance on him or try to face their common enemy alone?

Chace’s magic has not yet resurfaced, and he suspects it’s because he’s meant to earn back all he callously traded away – including Skylar’s love. Before their tenuous relationship can grow, he must learn what it means to put the life of another ahead of his own. But he must learn quickly or he risks losing Skylar and those she’s destined to protect.

~ My Review ~
A great ending to the Heart of Fire series!

Charred Hope answered a lot of my question, including if Chace would grow up and get his magic back, what happened to Sky’s mom, whether or not Chace and Sky would defeat their enemy, and whether they would end up together.

I loved watching Sky as she explored her new power as the shifter protector, and when she figured out exactly what she could do for the first time, I found myself laughing out loud.

I loved Mason and Gunner in this installment.  And surprisingly, I even liked Chace.  I really didn’t think I could like him after the first book, but he finally became the guy I wanted him to be.

There was action, romance, suspense.  Everything flowed so well.  There were a few places where I would have liked more information.  Some events felt as if they were just brushed over, and although my questions were answered, I still wanted more of an explanation, particularly with Sky’s mom.  But overall I was satisfied with how it all played out.

What else can I say?  I loved, loved, loved the ending.  It totally made me smile.  Just perfect!

Overall, the Heart of Fire series was entertaining, especially this last book.  If you love paranormal romance with shifters, then this series is a must read.

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