Saturday, February 15, 2014

Book Release: Trapped by Lizzy Ford and Julia Crane

~Now Out ~
Starwalkers Serial #2
By Lizzy Ford 
& Julia Crane

Buy now for only 99 cents on Amazon

~ Summary ~
Trapped on the war-ridden planet of Lemuria, Cyena must hide her true identity if she is to survive. She seeks refuge with a small pocket of other elites in hiding, only to find herself in more danger with them than she was on her own. Cyena is one of the only members of the most elite Lemurrian bloodlines to survive the invasion, which makes her a bargaining chip the others want to trade to the insurgents in the hope of buying their own amnesty.

Cyena uncovers their plan and works hard to hone her psychic skills, knowing the same skills that condemned her before the war are all that will save her now.

To complicate matters, Kaydon, her rescuer and the son of the rebellion’s leader, offers her sanctuary. But if she leaves the city with him, she loses any chance of discovering what happened to her sister. If she stays, she risks being killed.

Uncertain who to trust and what to do, Cyena will face untold challenges to find some trace of her sister.


  1. I'm always morbidly interested in books that have a war setting mainly because of how devastating and intricate they are, and this one sounds super cool!

    1. Me too Eileen! Trapped is the second book in the star walker serial & both are on sale for only 99 cents atm! :)


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