Thursday, January 16, 2014

Book Review: Loving Lachlyn by R.E. Butler

Loving Lachlyn 
Ashland Pride Book #2
By R.E. Butler



For many years, mountain lion Alek Fallon believed he was fated to be alone forever. But after meeting Lachlyn, he knows that he’s found his mate in the sweet she-bear and opens his home to her and her second mate, were-bear Jericho. Lachlyn is a shifting dud and cannot transform into her bear self. When Jericho’s father tries to force her into her bear form using a cattle prod, she nearly dies. Jericho’s father swears to find them, and now Alek, Jericho, and the lion pride are working together to keep everyone safe. When the mountain lions’ enemy interferes, it’s not only Lachlyn’s life that is on the line, but all of theirs.

This book contains plenty of m/f/m loving, two men who will love their woman to the best of their ability, interfering female lions who don’t know when to give up, and a camper used as a honeymoon suite. Be prepared for growling, neck biting, ceremonial marking, and a lot of sweethearted male mountain lions who just want to find love.

**Warning Adult Content 18+**

Loving Lachlyn is The Second in R.E. Butler's Ashland Pride series & follows the story of Lachlyn a Shifting were-Bear Dud who has been in love with  Jericho, Son of the Bear King, since they were kids, But things never felt quiet right between them.  
After a vicious attack by the  bear king Lachlyn & Jericho finally escape so they can be together.
While on the run they meet lonely were-lion Alek, & Lachlyn realizes she's not destined to have one hot  mate but two  (the lucky minx!) to spend the rest of her Life, that is if those meddling female lioness stay out of  it.

 As with the first book in the serious, loving lachlyn was sweet, cute, romantic maybe a little predicable at times but oh so naughty & action packed! & I was thrilled that sweet Alek finally found the mate he so desperatly longed for.
 The writting flowed nicely & I loved catching up with the characters i feel in love with, as well as meeting new ones.  
As with all of R.E.'s Book I'd defiently recommend it to lovers of romance, true love or anyone who just wants some good paranormal Lovin! 

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