Sunday, November 3, 2013

Short and Sweet Review: A Promise on White Wings by R.E. Butler

♡ A Promise on White Wings ♡
Wiccan-Were-Bear Series
By R.E. Butler


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Taken in by a bear den as a child, Danika doesn't know what she is, only that she’s all alone in the world. A visit to a bear den in Northern Ohio brings her face to face with her future in the form of two males who are meant to be her mates. She discovers that she’s not only the destined mate of the falcon Prince Jesuit and the white lion Prince Chance, but also the answer to a prophecy about a white-winged woman. When a bear from her den makes a claim to her, her mates must fight for their right to her and to their future.

Warning: Be prepared for a bear with a bad attitude trying to claim Danika for his own, two princes willing to die for their mate, and the woman who brings them and their people together. Contains m/f/m interaction.

A Promise on White Wings see's The sexy Falcon King Jes finally find his mate in the beautiful & ahh unique danika whom he shares with the equally sexy Lion Prince, Chance.

It has the Same level of spicey romance, protective mates fighting for there woman & wickedness as those that have come before it, but with its own unique paramormal twist & unique relationship.

It was a plesant & light hearted read, & even tho i was hoping for a little bit more seeing as i was waiting almost 2 years for jes's book, i still really enjoyed it & i'd defienyly recommend it for anyone looking for a unquie romantic read.

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