Thursday, September 26, 2013

Short and Sweet Book Review: A Price for a Princess by R.E. Butler

~A Price for a Princess~
Wiccan-Were-Bear Series
By R.E. Butler

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Sometimes you have to leave home to find your Destiny

Book 3 of the Wiccan-Were-Bear Series

Daeton Stalking Horse steps into a realm that is full of unique creatures and danger she never knew existed in the safety of her were-bear den. A wizard, who would sacrifice her to gain incredible power and destroy the realm, could be anywhere along their journey, as her guards vow to keep her safe. In the midst of their travels, she finds love in the most unusual places with the most unexpected of men - the two from her recurring dreams. With their support, can she keep the wizard from sacrificing her and destroying the realm she's come to think of as home, or will all be lost with one dark betrayal?

This book contains a feisty were-bear princess who hates walking and secrets, two dream men with unique genetics, and a few battles thrown in for good measure. A Price for a Princess is a book for mature audiences only and contains sexually explicit content.

A Price for a Princess was an enjoyable read, bit more YA then the first 2 in the series but dateon is just I'll let that pass. This book is basically made up of a bit of romance, lots of boring walking, unique characters & creatures, some hunky guards (because who doesn't want that) with some tantalizing sex scenes thrown in for good measure.

I gotta admit tho i was a little disappointed, mostly because it wasn't  what I expected....even tho really i enjoyed it & I really like dateon & i loved Perseus (dateon's first mate) & i mean LOVED! Not sure if its from my the lion, the witch & the wardrobe obsession as a kid, but I love centaurs...there so damn a odd kinda Then it got super weird with ekho (dateon's second mate) who's half lion & half man.. it was kinda creppy, he seemed ok & all but I didn't know where the flesh started & the fur ended... Maybe I'm thinking about this a bit much but what about his ummmm...member would that be hairy?? So yeah it was defiently Diffrent But hey that's what you want in a book right, twist & turns that you didn't see coming & some you don't want see.....Eva.
All in all ok but not as good as the first to, hopefully the 4th will be a little better. 

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