Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Book Boyfriend #6

My Book Boyfriend Wednesday is a New Meme Hosted by Inside The Pages of a Book where we list all the book boyfriends were swooning over this week.

Spring has most definitely sprung... so i've been soaking up all the sunshine I possibly can & checking out all the hotties who have also ditched there winter layers...but sadly non are quite as good as book boys, which brings me too this weeks boy boyfriend.

From on the Plus Side

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Like I was saying before real guys are never quite as Awsome as the guys in books & Devlin in defiently one of those guys!

His sexy as all hell, with a bad boy persona & tats to boot. But underneath his cold hearted womanizing facade is sweet, kind, compassionate, funny guy..who will do anything for those he loves.
& to top it off he see's people inner beauty not just outer...Nawwwww he really is the total package!

Who are you swooning over this week? 

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