Sunday, September 1, 2013

Musical Monday #1

Any one who knows me knows im simply obsessed with music, I listen to it all day everyday & sometimes i even add tracks to go with my book reviews but I didn't think that was enough so I came up with Musical Monday, not the most original idea ever..but hey it works. So what's it about you ask..well to put it simply it's just me gushing about the music I love, it might be an up coming album, a classic I just can't get enough of or just some sweet tunes I reckon you need to hear but either way I promise you it'll enough of the talking & on to the Music!

~This Weeks Sweet Tune~

Is The Artic Monkey's "Why'd you only call me When your High?" from there New Upcoming Album AM, This track infuses Classic 60's Rock with some modern grungy lyrics & there own unique indie sound which sounds just damn right Sexy!

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