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Book Review: Road of Thorns by Michel Lee King.

~Road of Thorns~
By Michel Lee King

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Rozanitsa is a hunter, the best in her village. So, when a werewolf begins picking the maidens around her off, she takes matters into her own hands. Frustrated by the council’s reluctance and the incompetence of those would be victims, she goes against everything she has been taught to respect, namely her father’s rule in her home. Stalking the wolf, Rose makes him an offer he can’t refuse, mainly because she holds a knife to his throat. Cutting ties with all that bound her to the stark, harsh, and ruthless life she had been raised in, she ventures forth to seek a new beginning.

Tyr is an unrepentant werewolf. Sure human men would satisfy his bloodlust, but why settle for water when you can drink wine? Although the maidens of his latest haunt are hardly better than the men. Bitter, rough, and holding the tinge of defeat and despair inside their flesh, they do little to abate his hunger. Never did he believe his perfect prey would also be his most dangerous hunter. When he watches her leave the village he resolves to track her. Surely a woman brazen enough to shoot him with an arrow and hold a knife to his throat is a worthy challenge. But is he biting off more than he can chew?

Caught in a vicious game of cat and mouse along an unknown road, Rozanitsa and Tyr must battle their wills while attempting to help each other across a continent. Blow by blow and cut by cut, they fight their way through the miles with desperate villagers following in their wake. Will they reach their destination before they both perish? Or will one finally get the upper hand?

To be honest i can't remember the last time i read a historical novel because they usally bore me to tears, but i was pleasantly surprised with Road of Thorns.

It reminded me of the Grimm's Classic Fairy Tales, as it was as Dark & Cruel as the world it took place in but still had a tinge of magic & hope flitted through out.

The story takes place deep in the woods of Romania, where a small village  is being terrorized by a blood thirsty werewolf. 

Rozanitsa has grown Sick of the  men's lack of action against the creature who killed many of the village maidens & is determined to take matters into her own hands.

But when she finds the beast that has plagued her village, he isn't a beast at all but a handsome man. Against her better judgment rose spares his life &  inadvertently set them on a path that will change both theirs & those around them lives forever.

 "She Knew he was Danger she could feel it in her Core. He was a predator, a demon walking the Earth. And yet, he made her feel for the first time weightless." 

It was fierce game of cat & mouse between the Strong Willed Huntress & The Cunning Wolf. 

 "It was a battle. there was no gentleness, nor kindness, no caress. Just brutal & complete war. As in the case of any battlefield, there was no victor. Equally matched & equally enraged,  neither would relent & both were injured."

There was so many Twist & Turns...The Magic & the Mystery, The Violence & Blood shed, The Passion & Romance it all  kept me on the edge of my seat & I am eagerly anticipating  more from Michele Lee King.

"My Road back Home has become a Road of Thorns. and look how it has Cut us."

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