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Book Review & GIVEAWAY: Deadly Crush by Ashley Stoyanoff


 -Deadly Crush is Ashley Stoyanoff's Awsome New Werewolf Novel which will be released on the 23rd August & I'm super excited to be hosting a Giveaway in Celebration of its release-

 Dog Mountain is just like any other small town — peaceful and uneventful. Well, that is if peaceful means wolves howling all night, and uneventful means it’s overrun by pesky werewolves, then yes, Dog Mountain is just your average small town.

Jade Shaw has spent the last two years avoiding the pack. But when Aidan Collins moves to town, avoiding the dogs doesn’t seem possible. The pack wants him just as much as she does.

Determined to keep him out of the pack’s grasp, Jade does everything she can to gain his attention. Little does she know, Aidan is in deeper with the pack than she could have imagined, and competing for his attention is a deadly game, one she may not want to win.

-The Giveaway-

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Read on for my Review of Deadly Crush....

Rating: ♥♥♥♥1/2
Goodreads: Here
Ashley's Website: Here

-My Review-
 I was excited about reading deadly crush & to be honest a little nervous too, we all know Ashley Stoyanoff is a fantastic writer & her vampire series The Soul's Mark is excellent but werewolves it seemed like a big leap from one to the other but after a few pages i found all my worries faded & I was totally absorbed in Ashley's unique take on werewolves & the games they play!
 Jade is confident, smart & sassy, she's pretty much  your ordinary teenage girl..oh expect for one thing she HATES the werewolves that live in her small town, dog mountain & stays as far away from those "dogs" as she possibly can, that is until she meet the devilishly good looking Aidan, Who just happens to make  her skin tingle & her stomach fill with butterflies just with his mere presence.


  "His laugh & chocolaty eyes captured me, making my skin grow warmer." 
 Aidan is the new guy in town. His Smart, strong, a little bit cocky  & Hot as all Hell and his the perfect counter blance for strong headed jade . But this sexy new stranger Is packing a secret that will turn Jade's world upside down, but that's only a taste of what fate has in store for her. 


 The Chemistry between these two was electric & the tension kept me on the edge of my seat desperate to find out more. It was romance & suspense all wrapped up in one.   
 I've read a lot of werewolf novels but none like this one, ashley keeps it old school while still giving It some very original twists, i don't want to give too much away because i think its defiantly one of those novels the less you know the better, so I'll I just finish by say ing that Deadly Crush is truly one of a kind & I'm really looking forward to more in the series.

"I received an ARC copy of  this book in exchange for an honest Review"

Don't Forget
Deadly Crush Out August 23rd!

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