Monday, July 8, 2013

Cover Chracteristics #20


"Each week we will post a characteristic and choose 5 of our favorite cover’s with that characteristic. If you want to join in and share your 5 favorite covers with the weeks particular characteristic, then just make a post, grab the meme picture (or make your own) and leave your URL in Linky (so we can visit).You don’t even need to participate, just stopping by and saying hi would be great!"

Hosted by Sugar and Snark
This Weeks Theme: Colourful/Unnatural Coloured Hair 
Darkness becomes Her by Kelly Keaton
Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker
My Favourite:
My Life as a White Trash Zombie
by Diana Rowland

Oath of Servitude by C.E. Wilson
Dark Summer by Lizzy Ford


  1. My favorite is Dark Summer. I adore purple themed books and the purple hair just drives me over the top.

    1. So do I Lizzy! Purple is my favorite Colour & the Purple cover for Dark Summer is one of my Favorite Covers Ever! :)
      Thanks for stopping by,
      Cheers, Mandy! :)

  2. Ten Tiny Breaths is such a great cover!
    Thanks for joining in last week :)

    Sugar & Snark


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