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Review: The Wolf's Mate - Logan and Jenna by R.E. Butler

The Wolf's Mate Book 6Logan & Jenna by R.E. Butler

Rating: ♥♥1/2
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Jenna Odile planned to spend the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday partying with her friends before she cast a spell to find her truemate. 
Before she can, she’s captured by a group of criminally-minded werewolves who want to use her fae-abilities to commit crimes. Poisoned and left for dead, she used the last of her strength to cast the spell for her truemate, hoping that he would find her before it was too late.

The last thing Logan Anderson wanted to do with his Saturday evening was watch over the young male wolves in his pack while they attended a dance in hopes of finding their mates. As the night wore on, he began to feel compelled to leave, and his instincts led him to race into the woods at the side of the highway. In the darkness of the woods, he finds a woman near death, who begs him to protect her. Now, nothing is more important than helping her get well. He’ll deal with those who hurt her… later.

This story contains a male werewolf with a dark past, a fairy who can’t wait to find her truemate, and the betrayal that brings them together. Features hot werewolf-fairy loving, mythical creatures, full moon madness, and lots of neck biting.

My Review:
The 6th installment in R.E's Butlers Wolf's Mate Series see's Roguish Wolf Logan with a heart of gold find his true mate in the beautiful Fairy Jenna.  

 Logan & Jenna's story starts with a bang, when Jenna is kidnapped & left stranded in our realm with only the hope her true mate will find her in time & sweep her off her fairy feet which of course Logan defiantly does in a very alpha way. 

 Ok while I'm on the subject of this Big Bad wolf I might as well get all my drooling & gushing out of the way  cause seriously Logan is soo worthy drooling over.. from his sexy ass tats to deliciously  ripped abs, his strong alpha possessiveness to his sweet & protective nature There nothing to dislike about this too hot too handle bad boy....


 Jenna was sweet & strong, she wasn't a awfully unique heroine but for all intents & purposes was a very likable character. The romance between the two was sweet & the sex was hot which is something i have come to expect & totally love about r.e's novel.


 There's always some rouge trying to kidnap  the heroine (in this it's  case Jenna) & her wolf in shinning arm (Logan) which rushes in & save her, again something I've come to expect, there's some sweet & tender romance, uber hot & always unique  sex scenes, some of my favorite Characters from previous novels will reappear, all  before a nicely wrapped up HEA.....

yes sometimes it can be a bit predictable (especially if you've read others in the series) & even a wee bit clique but that's what I like about it, I know even tho all this bad stuff will happen the mated pair will still walk happily into the sunset. 

after all You can't beat a happily ever after, cause in the end isn't that what we all want.

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