Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Book Boyfriend Wednesday #1

My Book Boyfriend Wednesday is a New Meme Hosted by Inside The Pages of a Book where we list all the book boyfriends were swooning over this week.
My Book Boyfriends for This Week:
This Week I decided to cheat a little & pick two Book Boyfriends which I knew I could find pictures for, so ever one else can I see why these boys are so swoon onto the Hotties!
My First Book BF is Jason, the Main Male Lead in R.E. Butler's Sweet & Sexy Novel The Wolfs Mate: Jason & Cadence.
As you can probably Tell from the Cover Jason is hot, like seriously Jaw Dropping Hot...
but aside from his undeniable deliciousness, Jason is a true romantic & only has eyes for one girls his mate which makes me love him so, & just to top it of his an Alpha..what girl doesn't love a strong sexy Alpha!
My Second Pick is Mitch from the  Awesome The Soul's Mark Series by Ashley Stoyanoff..
 I must admit I didn't fall for him straight away I found him bossy & stubborn but he defiantly did grow on me & that's why I just had to include him..
ok so I bet you wondering what made me change my mind about this sexy yet bossy Fanger, well in the third novel in the series we really got a good feel for Mitch and I simply found myself falling for his charms, ok his bossy, stubborn, & a bit controlling but his also sweet, passionate, protective & kind + he has an English accent! I love a good English accents.. *swoons*
Hope you enjoyed my Book BF's for this Week, i'd love to know your guys picks & i'd love to see more people get involve in this sexy ass meme.

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