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Ashley Stoyanoff Review: Riley's Torment by Christina Smith.

Riley's Torment by Christina Smith
Title: Riley’s Torment (A Moons Glow, #2)
Author: Christina Smith
Number of Pages: 294
Publication Info: Christina Smith (April 2013)
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Werewolves
Shelf: Review Copy
Rating: ★★★★
Good-Reads: Here
Author Website: Here
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Summary from GoodReads:Months after Megan and Nate's ordeal, they are finally happy and looking forward to the future. With Nate, Megan has found the family she always wanted, and after the night of their six month anniversary, they have something to celebrate. Their life together is solid and unbreakable—until an old enemy returns to wreak havoc on their lives.
When Megan and Lauren are caught in a fight between the rivals, they find themselves trapped with a pack of savage werewolves during a full moon. After their predicament, they will be forever changed. That is, if they make it out alive.

To save the girls, Nate and Joe must confront the past in order to save their future.

In the aftermath of the horrific ordeal, the life that Megan and Nate have created for themselves is torn apart. Will they find a way to take back their happiness or will they let it slip away?
My Review:Riley’s Torment didn’t miss a beat. It picked up nicely from where Riley’s Secret left off, and had me sucked back into the world that Smith has created within just a few pages.
If Megan thought Nate’s enemies were behind them, she was so, so wrong. But then, when you’re dating a one-hundred-and-some-odd year old werewolf, it’s bound to be expected that he would have more than just one person out there holding a grudge. In this segment of A Moons Glow, Megan and Lauren, with the help of their mates, need to fight an enemy that is a bit too close to home for any of their liking. Hard choices are made, and wedges are stuck in between the tight knit group, but if they want to succeed, they’ll need to stick together. Will they be able to overcome their personal issues, and stop the torment? You’ll have to read Riley’s Torment to find out.
Lauren and Joe really blossomed in this book. Instead of being secondary characters that were just there for support, they became key players. I loved their romance and their struggles, and I really hope to see more of them in the next book
Smith’s descriptive settings were exactly what I have come to expect and love from her writing. She never fails to paint a great picture. And with that picture, it was easy to fall into the lives of her characters and feel as if I was right there with them.
My only real complaint was that I had a hard time staying invested in Megan. She changed drastically. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, because really, it’s not. Character change/growth is essential in every story. But the thing is, I love Nate, and at times Megan wasn’t so nice to him. I get why she acts the way she does, but my problem was that when I got a peek into her mind, the disappointment and hatred didn’t feel all that justified. There were a few times I wanted to yell, Get over it already! Because it was pretty obvious that she would, and wanted to do exactly that.
But even with my complaint, I still enjoyed the story. The POV changes brought new life into this series, and satisfied my ‘Nate craving’ wonderfully. I’m sure I’ll be reading this one again at some point

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