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Ashley Stoyanoff Review: Luthara by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson


Luathara (The Otherworld Trilogy #3
By Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

Title: Luathara (The Otherworld Trilogy #3
Author: Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
Number of Pages: 331
Publication Info: Jenna Elizabeth Johnson (Dec 2012)Genre: YA, Paranormal, Romance
Shelf: Books I BoughtRating: ★★★

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Authour's Website:Here

Summary from Goodreads: 
Suddenly, my pain and anger honed themselves into a sharp point, one aimed directly at the goddess's heart. She had been controlling Cade’s life, my life, for far too long. And then, in a powerful wave of realization strong enough to sweep the frantic tornado in my mind off course and force the air from my lungs, I understood what I needed to do . . .

Meghan Elam knows that she belongs in the Otherworld, but she doesn't know if she's quite ready to take that leap. With Cade on the mend and her mortal family aware of their daughter's true identity, everything seems lined up for her to make a smooth transition into her new life. Unfortunately, Meghan has a mortal enemy, an angry goddess who has not yet given up on her chance for revenge.

As Meghan struggles to find her place in Eile, secrets from a past she knows nothing about well up and threaten to tip the scales even further. And when the Morrigan vows to bring a war down upon the Otherworld, she finds herself stuck in the middle of an epic battle, one that promises to destroy all that she holds dear. In order to save the ones she loves the most, Meghan must be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice and hope that she will be strong enough to vanquish her enemy once and for all.

My Review:
Action, romance, magic; this segment of the Otherworld Trilogy had it all.  

It’s time for the final battle between Meghan and the Morrigan.  When Cade recovers from the last time they met up with the Morrigan, he shows up on Meghan’s doorstep ready to bring her back to Eile.  Of course, she willing follows the hottie, Cade, and so, the battle begins.  Will Meghan be able to defeat the revenge driven goddess?  Check out The Otherworld Trilogy to find out.

This book flowed nicely from the last, picking up at just the right place.  We get to see more magic, a little more romance, and the action really kept me flipping the pages.  

I love Cade.  He’s such a well-developed character and with each scene he makes an appearance in, I was left wanting more.  He’s gentle and sweet but also has that irresistible dark side.  

Here’s the thing, I’m not really a Meghan fan.  I kept going with this series because each book got a little better and the overall storyline was great, but Meghan got on my nerves. I was really hoping we were past all the second guessing doubts, but no such luck. In each book, Meghan grew as a character.  She would become stronger, more confident, and then when the next book starts, we are back to the self-conscious Meghan, and we have to watch her grow all over again.  I found this really frustrating and really would have liked to see her grow in new ways instead of conquering the same issues all over again from the previous two books.

Overall, Luathara was a nice ending to the series.  It tied up all the loose ends neatly but also left a little room should to author choose to continue on with Cade and Meghan’s story.

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