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Ghost Hand extravaganza! Giveaway! Ripley Patton Interview! and Review!


"Olivia Black just discovered that her ghost hand, a rare birth defect, can do more than light up a room. It can reach into people and pull things out. Things from the darkest depths of the human psyche never meant to exist in this world.

Olivia can pickpocket the soul.

But she can’t control her ability, or the strange items it extracts, and the only thing between Olivia and the men bent on taking the power of her hand is a boy she barely knows and doesn't trust."

Ghost Hand Review
Romance, Action, Mystery & Suspense are all pack into this unique ya urban paranormal  novel making it an absolute feast For readers.

Ripley writes in a way that transcends  the ordinary barriers that divide ya & teen/ya, it wasn't overly immature nor was it too grown up. 
there were moments when I couldn't help but giggle  & at some  I was going to ball my eyes out, but most of the time I Had the feeling of being Bak in high school which made it a really fun read. 

Each chapter felt like ripping a layer of paper of  pass the parcel, But instead of a plastic toy  i found  secret a unveiled & more more mystery revealed. 
I really like how the story didn't take itself too seriously, even in the most intense moments it had  its light hearted teenage feel,  while being able to communicate a real & human emotion.

But like everything it was all smooth sailing, at times it felt a little clique.  group of teens on a mission to fight the bad guys, it's not like I've never read that before. *rolls eyes*
But if you ignore that itty bitty bit of un-originality  you'll see there so many original & awsome ideas it Totaly out shadows it. Like seriously the PSS thing was awwwwwssssseoooommmeeeee! I want one! 

Olivia was a cool & very relatable character & I loved watching her grow & transform as the story unfolded.
"gone was the insignificant defective girl. I was some kind of f**king comic book vigilante, and it felt - amazing"
 my favorite chracter has to be Marcus! Not only because his a absolute high school dream boat but his strong, caring yet mysterious nature just makes you fall more & more in love with him. 

Seriously  If you have teens buy this for them, they will love it! If not buy a copy for yourself cause Basically WhetherYA is or isn't your thing, i promise you will utterly devour It.

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Please send a big vintage welcome to the wonderful author
Rippley Patton! 

When and Why did you Start Writing?
The first thing I ever wrote was a poem when I was thirteen. It was dedicated to my mother who had recently died of cancer, and the process of writing it was such a comfort to me that I knew I had found something crucial to my soul.
Ever since then, writing has been the way I process my life experiences and make sense of the world. 

On average How long does it take you to write a book?
Ghost Hand is my first novel and it took me three years to write. However, that was in the midst of moving overseas to New Zealand and back again, plus several large earthquakes and other life challenges. And I was really just feeling my way and learning the process for the first time. I am hoping that the novel I'm working on now will only take me a few months, and so far I am writing it much faster than Ghost Hand.

The First Thing that intrigued me about Ghost Hand was Olivia's PSS (Ghost Hand) how did you come up with the idea?I have a friend who is an amputee, and I've always been fascinated by the fact that he can feel his missing leg. When he walks barefoot in the backyard with his flesh leg, his phantom toes, the ones on the missing foot, feel the grass. So, for Ghost Hand, I asked myself, "What if ghost limbs really existed? What would they be made of, and what would they do?"

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?
I like to write in bed, and I snack on M&M's to keep me going. 

Do any of the Characters in your Books resemble your self or others? 
All my characters are a conglomeration of parts of me and people I've known, loved, or known about. This is how I create characters, taking a part here and a part there and sticking them together to make a new and interesting fictional person. But specifically, Olivia is an introvert and cautious like I am.
Marcus has similarities, both in personality and background, to my husband. And I incorporate a lot of my brothers and my son into the PSS guys. 

What inspired you to write your first book?
Actually, a New York City literary agent saw one of my short stories published online and messaged me asking if I was working on a novel. I had been writing short stories for about five years and had even won an award, but I wasn't sure I had a novel in me. In response to her query though, I really started thinking about it, and eventually Ghost Hand emerged as the story I really wanted to tell in book form.

Do you have a Favorite Book? Or Author?
I like way too many books to just pick one. Recently, I really enjoyed Mary Holland's The Bone Road, and my favorite YA book is probably Unwind by Neal Shusterman, or the Wake, Fade, Gone series by Lisa McMann. Some of my favorite authors include Ursula Le Guin, Madeleine L'Engle and Juliet Marillier. 

The protagonist Olivia has a bit of a fascination with death, Which her mother classes as “abnormal”, would you say you have a fascination with death ?
Absolutely yes.  Having first experienced death at the very early age of two when my infant brother died, and then again at thirteen, when my mother died, I feel like I am always grappling with death in my heart and in my writing. Much like Olivia, I quite like the cemetery and have had more than one picnic on a sarcophagus.  

Ghost Hand is told through Olivia's Perspective. Why did you choose this style?  
I like the first person perspective for young adult fiction. It feels very immediate and personal to me. I like crawling into Olivia's skin and being her, and I hope the reader will too. 

What do you like to do when you're not writing?
I like to hike, and garden, and I love to watch movies and reality television.  

What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing Ghost Hand?
Probably the most surprising thing I learned was that I could actually write it. I could write a novel, and it was pretty good, and people wanted to read it. But I also learned that characters have a life of their own. They will make choices and takes actions you never anticipated, and this is my favorite part of writing. I love being surprised and writing to find out what happens in my own stories. 

What do you think makes a good story?
Compelling realistic characters that I care about. Something unusual in the plot, some element I can't get in normal life just by stepping out my front door. This is why I love fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi so much. It takes me to another place. Oh yes, and exciting stuff needs to happen in a good story.  

Ghost Hand ended with some unanswered questions, which will leaving some fans hanging for more. Will there be any more works in the PSS series and will they involve the same characters?
Right now I have three books planned in the PSS series that will continue the story line of Ghost Hand using  the same characters with some new ones thrown in.  I am currently working on book two, with a tentative release date of September 2013, and making very nice progress.


Good Luck!


  1. Great review Mandy! This one is going on my TBR for sure. :)

    1. Thanks Ash. I'm sure you'll love it. It's defiently your kinda Book. :)


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