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Rewind and Review November/12

Rewind & Review is a monthly book blog hop where we review the previous month. We talk about books we bought, received for review, or were given as gifts, as well as recap our posts. Other options include recapping hot topics, highlighting great comments, or trumpeting favorite reviews.
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~~~~~ I've been meaning to post this the last couple of days but between Christmas parties, concerts & a major migraine(not hangover related...believe it or not, lol) it just hasn't got done but I have been thinking...omg....
This Month has Totaly Flown by & I'm left sitting wondering where the heck did it all go.....Well Here's a few give book-ish hints! ;)

My Reviews:

Moon Trilogy  by C.L. Bevill
A Bond of Brothers by R.E. Butler
The Soul's Mark:FOUND by Ashley Stoyanoff (revised & reviewed edition)
The Soul's Mark:HUNTED by Ashley Stoyanoff 
Oath of Servitude  by C.E. Wilson 
The Heat by heather Killough-walden


Books I Received:

Oath of Servitude  by C.E. Wilson 
Hera Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas 
Riley's Secret  by Christina Smith
Dark Summer by Lizzy Ford
Summer Night by Lizzy Ford

Books I Bought: 

Bad to the bone by ViVi Anna
A Bead of Blood by R.E. Butler
the secret of ella and Micha (the secret 1#) by Jessica sorensen.


 For the Term of His Natural Life By Marcus Clarke

 The Brontë Sisters

Books That Made Me Drool: 
Devoured by Emily Snow
His Tattooed Virgin by heather rainier .
Down to You by M. Leighton
Wrong bed, Right Guy by Katee  Robert.


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Hope you all have a Good Week! 

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  1. Sorry it took me so long to get over here. I love your R&R post! Breaking things up with the pictures really makes each section stand out. Very, very nice.


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