Tuesday, November 27, 2012

W...W...W...Wednesday 2#

W...W...W... Wednesday Hosted by MizB On Should be Reading

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

What are you currently reading? 

What did you recently finish reading?


What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading?
The two main themes in my bookish reads this week are Werewolves & Smut!
My two favorite things to find in a book....
Riley's Curse (a Moon's Glow Prequel) By Christina Smith.

A Bead of Blood Wiccan-Were-Bear Series by R.E. Butler

The Secrets of Ella and Micha (The Secret 1#) by Jessica Sorensen

Finished Reading?
I really really enjoyed Oath of Servitude, it was a real bittersweet novel with such a fascinating story but, sadly the writing was a real let down Read my Review Here.

Next Read?
I received a copy of Hera queen of gods by T.D. Thomas a couple of days ago & I'm quite looking forward to reading it, theres nothing like a bit of YA Fantsy Romance to wash down a Lot of Naughty Paranormal Novels.
Hera couldn't care less what the other gods think, even when it's about her. And it often is. Frankly, Hera couldn't care less about anything, except doing her duty as queen - protecting order and defending the mortal world against any threats. But when the Fates go missing, Hera and a handful of other gods must temporarily become mortal to search the human world for the missing goddesses.

Hera finds that mortality begins to change her. It's not just the loss of her divine powers. She expected that. It's deeper somehow. It's affecting how she thinks, how she feels, what's important to her. And it gets much worse after she meets Justin, who defies every prejudice she once had
about mortals. At the worst possible time, and despite all her efforts, Hera's black-and-white world starts to unravel.

Torn between who she's becoming and who she needs to be in order to fulfill her duty, Hera must survive a horde of murderous creatures sent to exploit her new weakness. In the end, only Hera can stop a traitorous plot conceived by a secret alliance of ancient and new enemies, a plot that threatens to destroy not only the order Hera is sworn to protect, but all of existence itself.

W...W...W...What are you Reading?


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