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Review: Oath of Servitude By C.E. Wilson


Oath of Servitude (The Punishment Sequence)
By C.E. Wilson 
Rating: ♥♥♥1/2
Authors Website:Here

Teague’s was the charmed life of a popular athlete that came to a crashing halt.
Cailin is a pixi learning the price of nonconformity in her rigid clan.

She fears the darkness.She fears the darkness.
He is trapped there for all eternity.
But when the two of them are thrown together, they begin to discover the light within themselves.

My Review:
The Oath of Servitude  was a whimsical story with a beautiful mix of family, love, loss, secrets & betrayal.


 C.E.'s Debut novel is a  unique & quite bitter sweet tale of  a Pixie Callin with far too much confidence & Teauge a human with far too little. 

 "It's remarkable to think that you and Teague can only grow further apart with time. A human life span is but the blink of an eye for a true pixi. We open and close again before those around us, those we love, can ever really come to understand who we truly are." - Owen to

The cover is really beautiful & I hope the rest in the series are as equally pretty (next weeks cover love post, maybe)

 I Loved the story it's was so sweet & sincere, but I at times I felt like I was some how left out of the loop, it left me with utter confusion & a desperate want to know more, to understand more.  the narration seemed simple  when I needed detailed and Detailed when I needed simple, which was the result of the 3.5 instead of 4 star rating.

 "He knew that there were two truths about a last resort: everyone has one and no one wants to use it." - Owen. 

 The relationship between Callin & Teauge was tough, emotional, sweet & amazingly different... All the feelings of teen love! And god did I love it!


I was quite shocked that C.E. could make such an odd story work so well it was really beautiful and I so enjoyed reading it.

 "Come on, I can't see anything. Let the blind man get an idea of what you look like.” He laughed. "Hell, I sound like a perverted old guy at a retirement home. I don't mean it like that though."  Teauge to Callin.

 I was near tears on more then one occasion and I also giggled like mad on others. 

Would I recommend it? Yes 
Would I read the Sequel? Yes..... I really need a ending, I don't want sound too much like mick jaggar but.... description
... I Ain't Get No Satisfaction out of this Ending! 

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