Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cover Love! 1#

Cover Love is a blog hop hosted by Bookshelvers Anonymous were we ohhh & aww over the prettiest book covers.

Wicked Werewolf Nights.

Seeing as this is my first cover love post I just had too choose something über pretty and this cover defiantly is Gorgeous! 

1. the color is sooooooo perfect, I love love purple & it blends so well & really sets a mood for the whole cover.
2. Those different fonts! Epically the Alluring!...Ahhh love! 
 3. I read a lot of "adult" novel & it's refreshing to have a woman on the cover not completely nude & looking like a hooker. Yay!
4. That claw mark on her shoulder, just a cheeky tid bit of what lays inside. 
5. It just super Delicious! Lol


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