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Review: Disembodied Bones by C.L. Bevill

By C.L. Bevill.
Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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Buried ever so deep, Piled over with heavy stones, Yet I will Effortlessly dig up the disembodied bones. What am I?


Leonine was once one of the elusive lake people,
as a thirteen year old she comes into her "psychic powers " & uses them to  rescued a young boy from a maniacal pedophile. 

But as no good deed goes unpunished Leonie is shunned by most of the Lake People for committing the highest of sins, potentially exposing their secrets to the outside world.

 As an adult  leoine is haunted by that faithful day until she is suddenly targeted by another madman, for a reason that has everything to do with that rescue.


Disembodied Bones was just the right amount of mystery, suspense, crime & a bit of romance with enough fearful moments to make you jump,  aleast a little bit & not totaly scream like a girl....


It not the type of story that rips you out of your seat holds you tightly to it's chest & doesn't let go until the last nail biting ending, it's the type of story that slowly nulls you into a feeling of warmth & comfort before ripping it away & making you judge everyone & everything before coming to the conclusion you were right in the first place.
Many of the plots & twists I saw coming from a mile away but I didn't really care because I was enjoying the ride, C.L. Bevill Had be seating in my little reader high chair while she  spoon fed me her tale of mystery & woe before sending me on my way. 


 & i gotta say i really enjoyed it, I'm not saying I didn't feel squeamish or get pissed off, it was about a guy who kidnapped children for Christ sake so of course I got emotional,  it was just minor emotional, which was what I wanted, or more what I need or seriously I would not be able to sleep after reading it. Ekkkkkkk.

I loved the little riddles at the start of every chapter & actually got em right(some of the I'd recommend this too anyone who wants light some frills & chills. 

So all Up it's a pretty enjoyable novel.

 "I’m not sure if I want to get used to you reading my mind.” “It was as plain as the nose on your face,” he said sincerely. “And I wasn’t sure if you’d let me in if I had knocked." - Leonie. Disembodied Bones.

Riddle- Buried ever so deep, Piled over with heavy stones, Yet I will Effortlessly dig up the disembodied bones. What am I? 

Answer- I am memories.


  1. Nice review! XD Love how you explained the book! It sounds ever so interesting! :) And the riddle, well, I suck at those anyways. >___<

    1. Thanx delaney!
      I used to suck at riddles too, now I'm pretty good at them...
      It is interesting but it's kinda slow at the Start, just hang in there & you might really enjoy it & learn something about those darn riddles!


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