Friday, October 26, 2012

Hot, Cheap and Free! Weekly posts. #2

Hey Guys, sorry this week's post is so late I'm very unorganized, I would say its because I've super busy but I'm just always's my curse.
Any how on to this weeks picks! 


Down to You by M.Leighton.
*Contains adult content, for Mature Readers*

The scorching tale of one girl, two brothers and a love triangle…that’s Hot!
Come on this book looks so damn hot! Just that cover screams "yeah baby!".... Lol & did I mention yummy it's certainly yummy!

Amazon: BUY HERE
Goodreads: HERE


War Brides By Helen Bryan.

War brides has been a National Bestseller, & is a mix of historical fiction & romance.
" A very surprising twist at the end and a happy ending. I would highly recommend it as a book to read if you enjoy historical fiction with a little bit of romance." - Ginny (Amazon Review)

Amazon: BUY HERE
Goodreads: HERE


Rebel Heart by Lizzy Ford.

Lizzy Ford rocks! Seriously her writting absoloutly rocks! 
She has Such a talent for writting YA, her books are perfect for adult & teen readers are they super romantic & utterly 


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