Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review: Veiled Eyes (Lake People #1) by C.L. Bevill

Veiled Eyes (Lake People #1) 

By C.L Bevill
Rating: ♥♥♥♥
Goodreads: Here
Lake People #2 Review: Here

Anna has always wondered who she was; an orphan or abandoned child. As she travels to New Orleans she quickly realizes that the dreams she's had of a strangely attractive whistling man are very real and that he has a strong psychic connection to her. She finds the enigmatic Lake People and there she will unravel the mystery that is her life.

The book starts of with anna (who I really like immediately a heroine with a pair balls love it!) hitch hiking to who her only friend/family after she lost her job as a mechanic then we meet Dan Cullen ( a character that still gives me shivers) who drugs her, ties her down & plans on taking her to his house to do god knows what!
Luckily she's saved by her whistling man & swept of her feet to unknown. **spoiler**Thankfully she doesn't fall straight head over heels in love with Gabriel (whistling man) she actually stands up for her self & continues to search through her family secrets & look out for others. (again love it)
The middle got a bit boring tho, I mean I wanted to find out more about the lake people like why did they speak French? But it was kinda lacking in that department, & also the romance department..I mean you can see each others thoughts, thats gotta make things a bit more interesting for Christ sake ! **spoiler end** The twist & turns where enjoyable (a bit far fetched even for a book) but still an enjoyable read.loved the little superstitions at the start of each chapter!
 I'm even more superstitious now!

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