Monday, July 23, 2012

The Tressel Pack

The Tressel Wolf Pack

Jason Gerrick – Alpha

Michael Gerrick – Second ranked

Bo Elliot - Third ranked

Linus Mayfield - Fourth ranked

Clay Stevens – Fifth ranked

Fritz Carmichael – low ranked

Peter and Tina Gerrick – Jason and Michael’s Parents and Former Alphas

Abraham Gerrick – Jason and Michael’s Grandfather and Former Alpha

Lon - Pack Elder

Dae - Pack Elder

Getty - Pack Elder

Teller – Best tracker in Tressel pack

Cadence Darah McIntyre – Hybrid (Human/Wolf)

Calliope “Callie” Hunter – Female, Low Ranked

Lindy: Female, Mid Ranked

Joyce Mayfield – Linus’ Mother

Gladys & Eugene “Pops” – Linus’ Grandparents

Karolyn Angel Nylock – Linus’ Angel Mate

Kamren, Sophia, Bren, Rico & Graise Nylock – Karly’s family

Krayne & Mary – Alphas of Soualit Pack in W.V.

Pack Details

Pack Location: Allen, Kentucky

Pack Holdings: Infinity Pines Trailer Park, Pete’s Garage, Full Moon Gathering Place

Pack Motto: Pack First, Pack Always

Number in Pack: 38

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