Friday, July 20, 2012

Review: She's Come Un-Done.

She's Come Un-Done.
By Eric Arvin.

Julie is a woman on the brink of despair, depressed, isolated & raising a daughter with a disability is just too much for one woman too bear.

She's come Undone is a sad but enlightening read that can be easily enjoyed on a Sunday morning in bed (ok so thats what I did), I really enjoyed it mainly because I related to julie on so many levels, from her suicidal desires to being a single mum i know it all to well.

She's come undone is like a glimpse into some ones else don't feel utterly changed by the experience but not worse of either, tho it did leave me with that feeling of "Thank God I'm not Alone!"

I would defiantly recommend it for anyone, its really more about human interaction that a simple chick lit book.

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