Monday, July 9, 2012

Review: Aventurine Heart.

Aventurine Heart.
by Carole Wood.

*Some Little Spoilers Flittered Though Out, So You Have Been Warned! *

Alexa Mayfair is about to be just another high-school graduate when a tornado strikes her hometown of Fortraven, almost killing her. This one incident changes everything Alexa has ever thought, felt or know & she struggles to grasp this new & baffling world.
Saved my an Angel, Doomed by a Devil & in Love with The Fallen Alexa must Must Push the boundaries of Common Sense & fall whole heartedly into love if she's to survive.

Carol really brought back the feelings of first love which will emerge young & old, while avoiding being condescending & playing into too much teenage angst.


"The sun broke through the clouds & appeared to burn them away in a matter of seconds. Warmth returned to the chilled air but my body still felt cold & numb. Droplets turned to diamonds on each blade of grass. I closed my eyes in an effort to change what was in front of me but when I opened them again the scene remained the same - an empty space where he had stood"

It's the kind of book to read while lounging in a hammock sipping ice tea on holidays.........I would label it as "put-down-able" but that doesn't make it a bad book in ways sort of the opposite it was quite a refreshing read that I could brisk through in my luxurious spare time through out the day. The pocket size chapters just added to the appeal.

The Writing styles flows nicely & is easy to read, while still being engaging, tho the ending did tend to drag on...But the ending was juicy enough to want more!

Alexa is a delightful, kind hearted & amicable recluse. I personally found her to be one of the most realistic & relatable female leads that I've read in YA in some time.....l.She's by no means perfect but that's part of the charm I guess.

angel gif Pictures, Images and Photos"

Eli, While being ridiculously gorgeous & over 18 (so lusting over him is completely legal!) his also smart (ok a little bit nerdy) strong, loyal, some what stubborn but his an angel for Christ sake!......How Hot is That!

"He smiled & it reached every atom of his eyes, they sparkled like emeralds in the sun. I couldn't help but smile back."

Zach, Well that's just say Major YA Crush Materiel!


There we're a few twist & turns but nothing too intense plot or story wise, it was fairly easy to follow & I always knew what what was going on which was nice for a

I read a lot of YA novels not really enough that I started salivating over them (like I do with a good paranormal romance romp) but enough to know when I've found a good one & I really do believe aventurine heart is a real treat for any lover of YA</> with the right mix of love, loss & coming of age.

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