Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review: Flag of Bones The voyages of the Dragon Wynd.

Flag of Bones The voyages of the Dragon Wynd.
By Elle Pepper .

The Flag of Bones The voyages of the Dragon Wynd (Book one: the shallows) was an intense, exciting, unique & almost baffling read.

"Lord Jangir, if I must walk, let me walk with honor. If I must wander, let me not wander far.
If The scale must be balanced, let it be balanced on my behalf. I know lord Jangir, I have no marks of honor left, but I beseech you, lord of the seas, do not turn your back on your faithful servant."

Ella has done a fantastic job at bring this powerful & intense world to life.
From the language & Customs, to the religions & beliefs no aspect of this book was over looked.

"Dawn seemed very late, I was up for most of it, but now I felt, at least half-way like I deserved to live"

The Characters were well drawn particularly for such a short book, each with there one beliefs, customs and gripping yet distinctive tale of how they became to sale under the flag of bones.

The plot was solid & engaging but became confusing & dragging in certain points.
I really enjoyed Ella's writing style, at times it was a bit as I would say over descriptive & like I Said before a bit intense for a "YA" novel but all up I really enjoyed her writing & am eggar for books on the series.

Now to explain why I gave this book 3.5, we'll it's kinda for a shame really because with so many great factors one thing let it down, it just wasn't an addictive read or as I like to put it "put down-able syndrome" basically the book just didn't engaged me enough to read in one sitting or one week even but apart from that it was a good read & I'd defiantly recommend anyone with a good imagination & loves pirates!

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