Friday, June 29, 2012

Fifty Shades of get The F#*K Over it!!!

I though I couldn't hate a book more then twilight & maybe that stupid medieval romance I read eons ago but yes I have & it came (no pun intended) in the form of the fifty shades trilogy!.... Every second school mum is reading this tripe & I shake my head & think what the hell kind of world are we living in. Ok you enjoyed it! & it got you all hot under the collar (ewwww....mummy porn) but OMG I don't care I don't care I don't care! Seriously its got sex! Wow if you want some raunch pick up a Cynthia Eden Novell now there's some good old fashion werewolf lovin! & please do not ever ever say the word goddess! Holy shit! How bloody lame does that sound, "it just brought out my inner goddess" yeah we'll it brought out my inner puke fest!.....

Now I shall post a million stupid pictures to vent my frustrations & stop me from going a little more nuts then I already am!

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