Friday, June 8, 2012

Review: Awakening The Nightmare Book

Awakening the Nightmare (Symmetria #1)
By Lanie Malone.
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
*Adult Content Warning*

In a world filled with preternatural beings, Corinne DeLacy stands alone. For centuries she has hidden her heritage and powers from the rest of the world. Then Nick is forced into her life, turning it upside down. Standing in her way at every turn, he watches her suspiciously. Circumstances landed them together and now they must fight to save all that they hold dear.

I just have to start this review with...WOW total wow the synopsis & that god awful Cover explain little to nothing about the pure delicious awesomeness that hides within awakening the nightmare.


 I really was hooked from the first chapter. You immediently get intrigued & pulled into this dark & mysterious world with weres, Ghosts, fae, Demons & vamps! Each character is engaging I can truly say I didn't dislike any off them, I may hate some but at the same time loved them for their devious & evil nature. Even tho not Nicoli & Cory were the main chracters, the secdonary chracters even tho brief had some memorable & left me wanting more! I could write & write all day about each chracter, but I doubt that would work out well so here's my three favs: Cory ~ I havent ever read a heroine who was so captivating, strong, stubborn, loyal, mysterious & willful. (who I've been girl crushing on her ever since) Nicoli (Nick) ~ Nick was the perfect vamp hero, he was sexy, pig headed, protective, loyal, stubborn & caring. Edge ~ Obviously I wasn't the only one how fell for this pierced & tattooed up demon with a killer sense of Humour & overwhelming sex appeal!... I don't think I'll be the last either.

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