~ Paranormal Reviews ~

Voodoo Nights Book #1
By Lizzy Ford

A Bite of Bite by Cynthia Eden 
Bound in Death by Cynthia Eden

The Wolfs Mate Series: 
Linus and the Angel Book 2#
 by R.E. Butler:
Callie & The Cats #3 
By R.E. Butler:

Logan & Jenna Book #6
Read my Review Here 

Awakening The Nightmare
Symmetria Series Book #1
By Lanie Malone:

Wiccan-Were-Bear Series
By R.E. Butler

A Curve of Claw Book 1#
A Flash of Fang Book 2#

A Price for a Princess Book #3
A Bond of Brother's Book #4
A Bead of Blood. Book #5
A Twitch of Tale Book #6 
A Promise on White Wings Book #8

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