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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: Riley's Curse by Christina Smith

Riley's Curse, a Moon's Glow Prequel 
by Christina Smith

Authors Site:Here

Goodreads Summary: 
See how a life can change after just one bite.

Because of one fateful night, Nathaniel Riley loses his girl, his family, and life as he knows it. His world has been turned upside down. One day, a normal teen living in the 1890's, the next a mythical creature he didn't know existed. How can he live with himself with deadly urges he can't control?

He's a monster with a conscience who wants to make up for all the pain he's caused, but how can he do that when a fellow monster wants to take everything in his life away from him.

Nathaniel Riley has lived for a long time. Before he met Megan, he had a family, another girl he loved and a world in which he was happy. Find out how it all changed in just one moment.

My Review:

I became the Riley family secret. -  Nate Riley. 

 We all say we don't judge books by there covers or categorize them before even opening the pages, but that's bull.....!

we all do it and I'm totally guilting of doing it with Riley's Curse. In my head it was under a mainstream young adult romance with a paranormal twist, but what I found  was more of a paranormal coming of age story, with a fresh take on "werewolves"


I was leaving the only place I felt at home, everything and everyone I ever knew, to make a new life. I didn't know how to be a werewolf and I couldn't help feeling as I made my way alone through the deserted roads, that my life was over. - Nate Riley.

Christina has done a really great job setting the scene  for Riley's Secret.  It cant have been easy writing through a males point of view, especially a teenaged males point of view but she really pulled it off, even if at times the narration seemed flat. 


I once loved the forest at night. The romance of the unknown was exciting. -Nate Riley. 

 I loved seeing Nate grow,  evolve and go through what most people would associate with becoming a werewolf, he felt real human emotions, regreat, loss, self pity, anger & loneliness my only complaint would be that sometimes I felt that the story Was rushed particularly at  key moments. 

Even though I tried to keep people at a distance, I couldn't with Sadie. In the last few hours, Sadie Clark had managed to slither her way into my heart. I would look after her, and help her in any way I could. - Nate Riley  

Riley's Curse isn't a full novel it's a novella that gives some back ground info on nathaniel Riley, so in that respect it very much delivers what it promised and now I'm all clued up on the werewolf cutie Nate I'm off to read Riley's Secret!

Would I recommend it?  Yes (but if I had the choice again I would read Riley's secret first) 

 Would I re-read it?  Probably not. 

 Am I Excited about the Second Book?  Very Much So.


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