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Friday, December 7, 2012

Ashley Stoyanoff Review: The Mapmakers Union by M.J. Fletcher

★ Ashley Stoyanoff's Review ★

The Mapmakers Union (The Doorknob)
By M.J. Fletcher

Title: The Mapmakers Union (The Doorknob Society, #3)
Author: M.J. FletcherNumber of Pages: 304
Publication Info: M.J. Fletcher (Sept 2012)Genre: YA, FantasyShelf: Books I boughtRating: ★★★★1/2

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Author’s Website: Here
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Goodread's Summary:
Chloe Masters has a death wish, at least according to her friends. Still reeling from the loss of one of those closest to her she is living life on the edge. One by one she is pushing everyone away. Leaving her with the very person who betrayed her... Faith.

Her memories still locked away by the Forget Me Not, can Chloe discover the truth before she loses everyone she loves?

My Review: 
The Doorknob Society was good; The Impossible Engineerswas better, but The Mapmakers Union was freakin’awesome.  

For the first time in this series, Chloe didn’t drive mecrazy.  She wasn’t annoying.  She didn’t think too much and Imost of all, I connected with her from start to end.   

The story starts off with a reckless Chloe as she struggleswith the loss of one of her closest friends, Nightshade.  Icompletely felt her pain and was mourning right along withher.  She keeps herself busy taking risks, completing secretmissions, and in the process, she ends up shutting out her friends.

The Mapmakers Union is packed full with action, betrayal,heartbreak and heart-racing moments.  You can’t help butfeel for Chloe and her gang of friends as they continue theirfight against the First Kind. 

One of the things I love about these books is the loyaltybetween Chloe and her circle of friends.  Even when they areat odds, they all still come through for each other.  

This book kept me guessing until the end.  When I turned thelast page I was giddy and completely broken.  Talk aboutconflicting emotions.  I’m absolutely dying for the nextbook.  I NEED to know what happens!

If you haven’t read The Doorknob Society Series yet, thenyou are missing out.   

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