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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review: No Alternative by William Dickerson

No Alternative by William Dickerson
Paperback331 pages
Rating: ♥♥1/2
No Alternative on GR:Here

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review, so here goes.....

  Suicide is unbiased, non-partisan. It transcends gender, perhaps even species. In a biological sense, it’s pure. Page 9. Chapter 1. 

 I've never been a fan of "grunge" it always seem like some lame try hard rich kids bitching  & dressing like hobo's while making pretty lame try hard music....hmmfff.....give me punk, horror punk, Screamo, Psychobilly, Dark cabaret, anything just make it hard core!....So about now you may be wondering why I choose to read a book with it roots deep into the music culture of the 90's "grunge" scene, & while I was very interested in the sypnois, it was manly because if William Dickerson can make me not cringe every time I hear someone compare Sid Vicious & Kurt Cobain....

 Example A:
: description

Example B:
 (point made!!!!).... 
 .....while making me enjoy reading a book about grunge & rap  (my other louth worthy music genre) then I think it must be a pretty good book & well, it did succeed on making me enjoy the book at least to a degree but....i felt as if the author felt the need to prove himself in some respect or at-least his intelligence again... & again....& again, over description & Annlyastion in a book can be quite absorbing & enjoyable when done right, but when it's done wrong it's can be quite repulsive & can make great characters, plot &  such un-noticeable. the book just didn't flow... at all!!  Some readers may enjoy the kind of writing which gives long drawn out back stories about each character & long drawn out explanation  on politics of a different generation & long drawn out scenes about drug trips gone wrong but I didn't!  I felt as if I was watching  family guy, you know when they switch to a completely random scene *"like remember the time...." boom....*   & your left going wtf, well that's kinda how I was Feeling.


 I like the concept of the story & the characters, I really liked Bridget I felt I almost connected with her but something keep me from making that connection, manly the writing. The characters were really in-depth & well thought out, you understood why they did what they did what they did & most people can relate to that "teenage angst" which is portrayed quite well. this just wasn't the type of book for me. 

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